Words are powerful.

Certain words grab the attention of consumers and, when not over-used, can persuade us to stop browsing and click. In the research we did on various marketing and sales websites the words that are recommended most frequently are:

  • You
  • Free
  • New
  • Because
  • Instantly

There are some good tips and a detailed exploration about the above list of five words in this Words That Work post.

People who are brought to your eCommerce site by a promotional email or post on social media using the word “free” are liable to stay and browse other products. What could be better than “free”? According to a MailChimp study, the word “freebie” in the subject line of promotional emails had more opens than “free”; know your audience.

Words that imply time sensitivity get the most opens, says MailChimp.

  • Urgent
  • Breaking
  • Important
  • Alert

And people tend to open “announcements” and “invitations” but don’t pay attention to “reminder” emails.

Have you noticed how many subject lines contain numbered lists? People respond highly when information is presented in list form. It gives readers a feeling of comfort to know where they are  in completing the list. The brain can process it efficiently and remember the information better when it’s in list form. I’ve read that we are drawn to lists intuitively, especially when the number isn’t spelled out but is written as a numeral – Top 20 Reasons to Stay Inside, 5 Back-to-School Lunchbox Meals, Top 10 Tips for Getting Stronger.

Back to that MailChimp study, guess what words strongly attract people?

“Thank you.”

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