Cinemagraphs are mesmerizing. A new web trend in 2017, the subtle movement draws your attention, bringing life and surprise to an otherwise still photo. Your eyes are drawn to the looping movement.

Can you smell the coffee?
(Image source: Cinemagraphs)

Different from traditional gifs, a cinemagraph doesn’t look choppy as it plays. You can select a specific element for your movement and the remaining image looks like a still photograph. The good news is there isn’t anything particularly technical about this new web trend; cinemagraphs are easy to make and look cool!

(Image source: Cinemagraphs: Still images that move)

The simple movement can make your website stand out in a unique and fresh way. Cinemagraphs can conjure up visual storytelling, bring life to a flat website, or awaken your senses. And because they don’t require anything fancy to make, you are immediately an artist.

It makes sense to use the camera on your smartphone to make your cinemagraph because the video will be available right away.

If you search in the Apple Store, there are lots of free, easy-to-use apps:

  • Cinemagraph Pro
  • Motion Moving Gif Pictures
  • Werble
  • Cinemagraph Clips Maker
  • MaskArtDraw Motion
  • Draw Motion

Flixel is the most popular cinemagraph editor on Mac. It’s powerful; we all know Mac handles graphics very well.

There are several free apps for Android in the Play store, too. I downloaded one called fotodanz and quickly created my first cinemagraph!


It was so easy to make. First you record either a three or five second video. Then you circle the part you want to have movement. Ta-Da, you’re finished! The app does require that you login to share to social media but you can email the image to use on your website without creating an account.

How will you use a cinemagraph on your website or ecommerce site?

Feeling refreshed and ready to go?

(Image source: Cinemagraphs)

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